Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fondant Baby Blocks - A Tutorial!

I'm back! It's been far to long since I've done an update here on the blog. I've been VERY busy lately. I went right from Thanksgiving to a Baby Shower cake. Between the getting the baby figurine made, the fondant blocks, and work I've had very little free time. 

(Going back to Thanksgiving for a second, I have to say that I had a GREAT one. I was off of work for the first time in 6 years! It was wonderful to spend the time with my family and friends. I couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving.)

I decided to make my first blog post about the Fondant Baby Blocks I made. At first I decided I could just buy some blocks and put them on the cake. I, for some reason, thought I would be able to find pastel baby blocks...WRONG! It was even next to impossible to find baby blocks in general. Now, it doesn't help that I had a certain look in mind. After running from this store to that one I decided I should just make them. When I was looking around online I had the hardest time finding a tutorial on how to make baby blocks from fondant. Most of the things I found were about using cake and making larger blocks than I wanted. I started to feel a little lost and was going back to my original plan of using plan ole blocks. However, I did find a few pictures that sparked some ideas. I took what I needed from those and I came up with this...

Fondant Baby Blocks


- fondant, I used Wilton that you can buy from just about anywhere.
- powdered sugar or cornstarch for rolling fondant
- rolling pin or fondant roller
- square cookie cutter/clay cutter
- alphabet cutters
- paint brushes, one fine tip and one regular 1 in.
- small amount of water
- food coloring
- one batch Rice Krispies
- one recipe Royal Icing
- piping bags and tips
- wax paper
- knife
- patience and time!


1. Be sure to sprinkle some powdered sugar/cornstarch on work surface. Work fondant with hands until pliable. At this points, color the fondant if you don't want the blocks to be white. If fondant become to sticky from adding color just work in a little powdered sugar/cornstarch. Roll fondant to about a 1/4 inch thickness. (I rolled on the table then placed it on wax paper before I used the cutter.)

2. After you've rolled the fondant dip the cutter into the powdered sugar/cornstarch and cut 2-3 squares. I had to dip after 2-3 squares because the cutter started to stick to the fondant. Depending on the number of blocks you're making, I made 11, cut enough squares to cover each side. I cut a few extra squares in case anything went wrong. I believe I cut about 75 squares.

3. Place the squares on a piece of wax paper in a place where they can sit for a few days to dry. They do NOT completely dry within the 2 days but they do harden enough to work with.

4. After the squares have set for 2 days it's time to cut the letters. I brushed each square with the 1 in paintbrush to insure there wasn't any left over powder. I picked 11 squares and set them aside. I got a small amount of water in a bowl and a fine point paintbrush.

5. Again, color and roll out the fondant. I used a set of Patchwork Cutters that I got from Country Kitchen Sweetart. I rolled the fondant just thin enough to cut the letters. I cut all the letters and then started to "paste" them to the blocks I had set aside. I simply painted a little water on the back of each letter them attached them to the blocks. I allowed them to dry over night.

6. Prepare a basic Rice Krispies recipe. I used the one on the box of cereal. Instead of doing the krispies in a 9 x 13 I did made mine in an 8 x 8 so they were thicker. Allow the krispies to cool. 

7. I used the same cutter for the Rice Krispies as I did for the Fondant Blocks. I cut 11 squares. I made an indent with the cutter then used the knife to finish the cutting. Some squares didn't cut exactly right so I molded each square with my hands to make them fit the blocks. 

8. Prepare a Royal Icing, I used this recipe.

9. With the Royal Icing made place it in a piping bag with a star tip. I started building the blocks with one square. Then I put on the sides. Then the sides with the letter. I placed the top on last. After you've placed the top piece on, adjust the side to be even at the top and bottom.

10. The picture above is the finished formation of the blocks. I let them dry for a few hours before I finished them. 

11. I colored some of the remaining Royal Icing with three colors and piped lines around each square on the blocks. After I did each block I placed it on some little paper cups I had to dry. I let them dry for a few hours again. The picture above is the dried blocks.

12. After drying time is up you are ready to assemble the cake! Here's my finished cake!

The finished Baby Shower Cake

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